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10 Factors To Do Before Shifting Out

Congratulations! You have just bought a new house, and it is time to rejoice as you fulfill your dreams. However, the work doesn’t end here; it has just started. Now is the time to make your house a sweet home with your loved ones and family. Meanwhile, you would also have to prepare a new home checklist of things to buy for your new house. Furthermore, if your home is in another location, you would pack the items to carry when relocating to that place.

It is all about planning, and here we are going to share the New House Checklist which you would find helpful. Don’t miss out on any item as the chances are you might not get that specific item in the new place. Let us know more about the checklist of things you need to make sure to pack and carry while home shifting..

Things to Buy for New House – New Home Checklist

When the New house things which you carry are in small numbers, you can pack and take them with you. However, if you are moving to New House or another place, you would require the assistance of a logistics company like Specific Relocations Packers and Movers. They would help you with the packing, labeling and other cost-effective services. You don’t have to worry about the management of items; however, keep a list of essential household items needed for a new home.

Let us look at some things to get for a new house – New Home Checklist.

Welcome Mat

The first and foremost thing you would keep at your new house is the welcome mat. It is not an essential item; however, it helps keep the dirt outside and the place clean and tidy.

Paper products

Talking about paper products, you can ensure you have enough supplies – toilet paper, paper napkins, paper towels, and much more. You would require these things when moving significant items such as furniture.

Lock and Keys

You have bought a new house and must have told your neighbours to take care of the house. However, it is time to change the lock and keys when you move in. It is safe practice to change them as you don’t want to give your neighbours access to your home once you have everything in place. Privacy is a must.

Box cutters

Your items need packing before you move them. You would require a set of tools and a cutter to unpack them. By keeping a box cutter handy, you can easily cut the straps of the boxes and unpack your items. Furthermore, unloading the items is safer than tearing the boxes. Getting rid of frustration is a better way.

Trash bags

The items are packed using cardboard material, which is useless once you unpack them. It is better to keep trash bags handy so that you can collect all the cardboard boxes and trash them. The good thing is that you will keep your new house tidy.

Handy toolkit

Your furniture has arrived at your new place. Now, you have to unpack it. Secondly, you must place the furniture, tighten some screws, and fix the loose ends. For this purpose, keep a toolkit handy that includes a screwdriver, wrench, hammer, and drill.

First aid kit

When you move into your new house, some unexpected events might give you a bad experience. It includes bruises when unpacking the items, arranging them, and so on. For this purpose, keeping a first aid kit handy is recommended.

Fire extinguisher

Life can bring unexpected things in front of you in the form of accidents. When you move to a new house, install that there is a fire extinguisher kept in the right place. You never know when they can come in handy. Always prepare yourself for unforeseen events, and safety is a must. In addition to this, also make sure you know how to operate it properly.

Extension cables

You would probably need them to plug in to connect with the electric/electronic appliances. However, when the outlet falls short of your device to reach there, extension cables and cords come in handy. Not just for indoor purposes, these extensions help when you are outdoors, too, on the lawn, enjoying a barbecue with your family.

Wi-Fi routers

You don’t want to stay disconnected in this digital era and the internet that has engulfed the world. For the world wide web to reach your new house, getting Wi-Fi routers installed at the right place is inevitable. Whether it be your laptop, smartphone or Smart TV, you require an internet connection for every appliance or tech gadget.

Hydrate yourself with bottled water

Moving into a new house can make you and the moving team tired. Bottled water is better for keeping yourself and others hydrated in this situation. Make sure to carry a bottle of bottled water when you move to a new house.

Kitchen and cleaning essentials

In the next section, we look at the kitchen items, living room items, and cleaning essentials. Take a look at the necessities related to kitchen and cleaning when moving into a new home.

Talking about kitchen essentials, here are the essential items you need.

  • Utensils along with spoons, flippers, spatulas, etc
  • You require dishes, tea cups, coffee mugs, soup bowls, and more.
  • Glasses of different shapes and sizes for water, juice, wine, cocktails, etc.
  • Cutting board to cut vegetables, knives, etc.
  • A bottle opener is helpful when you want to get fresh with a drink.
  • Keep hand soap, glass cleaner, dish towels, wipes, and sponges for utensils.

Along with these items, you would also need to keep food in stock. Ensure you don’t add too many perishable items to your kitchen pantry. Always keep snacks and food that have a long shelf life. Dried items or canned items are good to go in the long run.

Ensure the cleaning essentials are handy for keeping your house clean and tidy. These include the following appliances.

Vacuum cleaner

In some rooms, your new house might have the best wooden, marble and carpet flooring. Vacuum cleaners are the best when it comes to cleaning any floor. Your home will not look messy, and your carpets or rugs will never attract dirt. Meanwhile, for specific flooring, you can use floor cleaners that help clean tiles, vinyl or laminates.

Handy brooms and mop

Bring in the old-fashioned way of cleaning your house with brooms and mops. Well, these days you can get new age sponge mops which can easily clean your kitchen, bathrooms and other rooms. Meanwhile, the brooms come in handy when you want to clean broken glass on the floor, food items split by kids, and so on. For such small work, you will not require a vacuum cleaner.

Living room and bedroom essentials

The main area of your new house is where you would enjoy yourself with your family and friends. Buy these things to keep your living room neat and clean with the best layout and design.

  • Sofa set with coffee tables
  • Nesting tables
  • Lamp shades for extra decoration
  • Television which you can mount on the wall or keep on a stand

Furthermore, you can also add art and paintings to your living room to give the aura and look. Guests arriving would get mesmerized by the interior design.

Meanwhile, it would be best if you also filled your bedroom with the goodness of furniture and other items. Regarding bedroom essentials, keep a checklist of the following things to buy.

  • Bed furniture along with mattress, pillows, cushions
  • Blankets, bed sheets, bedding covers, etc.
  • Table lamp for your bedsides
  • A dressing table with a full-sized mirror where you would get ready
  • A closet with hangers and good storage
  • Blinds or curtains for your windows
  • Shoe racks, storage bins to keep magazines, etc

Now comes the bathroom essentials such as floor mats, shower curtains, towels, soaps, body washes, shampoo, and much more, as per requirements.

Gardening and outdoor essentials

We talked about buying the new house essentials for indoors. However, if you love good-looking outdoors, you must take care of some of the essential items. Such outdoor requirements include gardening tools, lawnmowers, and trash cans.

If you love gardening, buy a trowel, rake, gloves, and hand shovel. These items will give you a better experience, and you can make your garden the best place to relax. Secondly, ensure you don’t gather weeds in the outdoor area and garden. You can use a weed wacker to remove the unwanted things grown on your lawn, driveway, etc. Lastly, a lawnmower comes in handy to give the best shape to your lawn.

Ending Thoughts

There you have it. Moving into a new house is an entirely new experience for you and your family. You come from a different place to settle in a new home. The above-mentioned items are the essentials you should carry along.

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